A fusion of style, emotion and tradition...

With hearts full of passion, that's daVeck.

Photographing weddings is more than simply documenting the events of the day. Providing truly great memories requires insight, intuition and the ability to connect with people. When the experience is positive and in the right hands great images will follow. The team at daVeck Studios is dedicated to providing every client with an amazing experience.

David, Lori and Regina are an award-winning team with a reputation for photographic excellence and professionalism. They have an ability to anticipate the moment, an eye for the creative and pay close attention to details.

David is very involved in the photographic community and holds three of the highest recognized degrees. David is Certified by the Professional Photographers of America and is honored with a Master Degree and a Craftsman Degree for photographic excellence.

Our goal is simple… To consistently exceed the expectations of every client in not only product but in stylized experience you cannot find anywhere else. We strive always to have our images portray the relationships and connections between people rather than staged scenarios.

Every couple has a different chemistry. Our desire is to capture what makes each couple who they are - the little things that make them completely different from every other couple we’ve ever photographed.

We are constantly looking for those expressions that are unique. We find that the more our couples focus on each other, the more relaxed they become and the more fun they have. That’s really what it’s all about.

At daVeck, we have a commitment to quality. Beginning with the photography and carrying out to our finely crafted storybook albums, fine portraiture, unique gallery wraps and more.

By the way, we’ve been known to lay in the dirt, climb walls, or even dance in the street to get that perfect image. Whether we are capturing a wedding, at a portrait session or corporate event, photography doesn’t need to be an endless series of line-ups and poses. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relax, simply enjoy a good time and know that great images will follow.